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Thank you for your interest in studying God's Word. If you're looking to continue your education in the Bible, you've come to the right place! Whether you're studying scripture for the first time, looking to take your studies to the next higher level or whether you want advanced training - we are here to help.  These Biblical Studies Online Courses are offered to you at a reasonable rate.  They are designed to give you an on-line Bible learning experience that you can complete in the convenience of your home, workplace, etc.  The courses are divided into three levels:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  The materials contained in these courses are based entirely on the Bible. It is our prayer that you will study God's Word with an open heart and open Bible and come to know the truth that shall make you free, John 8:32. COURSES WILL BE ADDED CONTINUOUSLY!  CERTIFICATES CAN BE EARNED!



ENROLLMENT: Each student must register and make payment before enrolling. Students may start anytime and enroll via the registration form.

All courses are fully online courses and require only Internet and email access. You may study anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Textbooks are not included.  Do not cut and paste from other sources. With Advance Courses, plan to participate in online bulletin board discussions. More details on taking the courses will be given in each course syllabus after enrollment.


GRADING: Grades given are A (excellent, 90-100%), B (good, 80-90%), C (satisfactory, 70-79%), D (passing, 60-69%), and F (failing, 0-59).  Where essay type answers or essay papers are required to receive an A or “excellent”, students must include in their answers, unique and insightful components that show a deeper grasp of the assignment.  The normal or minimum fulfillment of the assignment will be graded “B” or “C”.


EMAIL: Every email to Dr. Viv MUST give the following in the subject line:  1) Course, 2) your first and last name with ID number; please email me for your ID number; request you ID# upon your registration; and 3) the date you are submitting, in that order. All assignments go to vwesson@askdrviv.org.


TIME-LIMIT and REFUNDS:  A student has up to 1 month to complete a course. Students who need an additional two weeks to complete a course may do so on the payment of an additional $35. Normally, the student should plan to submit an assignment module every week on a chosen day. There are no refunds.

ACCREDITATION and APPROVALS:  All courses are college-level courses, but there is no guarantee that they can be transferred to any college or university. Participants need to seek the approval from the appropriate officials before enrolling in any course or programs to satisfy any degree, state credential, professional organization, or school district requirements.  


This Biblical Institute program offers three (3) Biblical Studies Certificates:


The Beginner Level Certificate: The Beginner Level Certificate requires 15 units to complete.  Each student receives 1 unit for every Beginner Level course.

The Intermediate Level Certificate: The Intermediate Level requiring 30 units to complete, and once you have completed the Beginner Level Certificate, you may proceed to take 15 more units to make 30 units.  Each student receives 2 units fore every Intermediate Level course.

The Advanced Level Certificate: Advanced Level requires 45 units to complete. Once you have completed the Intermediate Level Certificate, you now only need 15 more units for your Advanced Level Certificate.  Each student receives 3 units for each Advanced Level course.

The Enrichment Level Status: Once you have achieved all three, you are now on the Enrichment Level where you simply take courses for enrichment.  You will receive a single certificate for each unit earned.  

Online Course Descriptions  

To view and register for online classes please click on the link "Enroll Today."  

Tips for On-Line Learning

1.  Read each lesson as well as the Bible passages and other resources as recommended. Taking notes will help you remember what you read. Then answer the questions and attempt the writing assignments.

2.  In between lessons, review your notes, reread the lessons and continue to study and pray over the Bible   passages cited by the instructor.

3.  Be sure you begin and end each study session with prayer.


Texts are not included.  These are courses of study will enrich your knowledge as a believer.  The course requirements are not as involved as the Intermediate and Advanced levels, but they certainly enhance your spiritual growth and development.  At this level, you will be required to do the following:  

Weeks 1 & 2: Read the Text carefully.  Answer the questions after each Course Section.

Week 3: Take a Final Exam over the entire course (Answer the questions taken fro the previous weeks).  


Texts are not included.  These are courses of study that require a bit more commitment in study than the beginner level courses.  They are designed for your spiritual enrichment enhancement.  You may be required to:

Read the Text and submit answers to questions (essay and or objective)


Read the Text and then submit a practical writing (i.e. essay, outline, etc.) reflecting your understanding of the course material in the Text.

Sometimes you may be required to read another book related to this course theme and following the prescribed format do a book report.

Take an objective exam on the course material from Main Text.


Texts and Reference materials will vary with each course.  This is my favorite area of teaching. The majority of these courses will relate to doing an exegesis (inductively studying various scripture portions (i.e. chapters, sections, and books of the Bible).  Study will be in-depth and will require Bible reference materials (i.e. a good reference study Bible, word study books (for both Hebrew and Greek words), commentaries, an exhaustive concordance, etc.  These courses are better suited for Bible scholars, Sunday School Teachers, Preachers, Evangelists, etc.  Yet all are welcome.

Step-by-step instructions will be given and will vary with each course.  You will enjoy a study of Sections of certain books of the Bible or get involved in an Overview of entire book of the Bible.  My Message Board will be a vital tool as you walk thru the Word of God.  This will be an awesome journey that you will take with me, Dr. Viv.  Grading will vary with quality of content and thoroughness.




Program Objectives:

To better prepare Christian leaders and workers for service in ministry

To serve as a means of continuing education for Christian leaders

To help students become more adept in accurately interpreting Scripture  

To serve as a training arm for believers who hunger for a greater understanding of Christian principles that may readily be applied to their lives  

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